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If you are looking for a reliable optometrist center where you can buy prescription glasses and also get a detailed eye exam, your search ends at Next Optical.

Comprehensive Eye Exam by a Qualified Optometrist

A comprehensive eye test examines a number of aspects in relation to your visual ability and eye health. It involves a few sub–tests that tell the optometrist how good a vision you have, whether you need glasses, or even a surgical correction.

A Next Optical eye exam is painless and non–invasive. You will need to provide information about your medical history, your family’s brief medical history, whether or not you have an existing eye condition and if so, the medication you are currently taking, and other relevant questions. This will help the optometrist suggest suitable solutions.

Some of the sub–tests performed at Next Optical include a visual acuity check that uses an eye chart to determine how clear your vision is. A refraction test will tell the optometrist what is the best prescription for you. It assesses how short–sighted, long–sighted, presbyopic or astigmatic you are.

A visual field test is a measurement of peripheral vision and is done to probe the onset of open–angle glaucoma. There are other sub–tests that detect lazy eye (amblyopia) and color blindness as well.

Next Optical’s independent optometrists are friendly and professional. You can rely on their services and get the right solutions for your eye problems.

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