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When it comes to eye care, settle for nothing but the best. Next Optical is a professional optometrist you can rely on for a variety of eye care solutions for you and your family. With years of laboratory experience and an expert team to serve you.

Next Optical offers the best in store experience and reliable optometrist advice. So the next time you need an expert eye examination, or want to purchase prescription eyeglasses or designer eyewear, you know where to go.

Wide Range of Services from Next Optical

Tired of traveling to different places for your eye care needs? Next Optical is a one-stop shop for a wide range of eye care solutions. We offer:

Eye Examination Services – We use state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable eye testing services for people across all age groups. For a comprehensive eye examination, fill in our online eye exam form to book an appointment today.

Eye Glasses – When it comes to vision correction, Next Optical offers the best products available. You can choose from a wide variety of frame designs and eyeglasses to suit your style and personality.

Designer Sunglasses – You can find some of the best designs and popular sunglasses brands at our stores. We also offer vision correction sunglasses.

Contact Lenses – Eyeglasses don’t suit your style? We offer the most popular and prescribed ACUVUE contact lenses for the clean look.

Visit Our Optometrist Centers Today!

For all you eye care needs, visit your nearest Next Optical optometrist center today. We offer our services through four centers that are conveniently located in Oakville and Brampton in the Ontario province.Optometrist – For Reliable Eye Care Services with Dr Ansar Ahmed, Next Optical is the Place to Go.”

Whether you want to avail our services or learn more about what we offer, our professionals and friendly staff will be glad to serve you anytime.