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Sunglasses are often considered more than accessories, because, unlike other accessories, you can revolve your entire outfit around your designer eyewear. You cannot just pick out a pair that you like and expect it to go with everything you wear. You have to plan the purchase in advance, to check what the designs really mix with. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right ones to suit your closet.Differentiating Polarized Sunglasses from Other Glass

Picking the right color

Color is probably among the most striking features of designer sunglasses. Check your wardrobe once. Do you have many clothes that are neutral in color? Whites and blacks go excellent with any complementary color. If your clothes selection has been such that you have a monochromatic cupboard, take a look at your shoe rack.

Choose your favorite color, and buy a pair of sunglasses that match them. You can then match the shades and shoes together with almost any dress you have. On the other hand, neutral colored sunglasses are apt when you have a predominantly colorful wardrobe.

The shape

Apart from your personal preferences, you could consider trying to pick sunglasses shapes based on your face type. Generally, you should try to even out your natural face shape with the shape of the sunglasses you pick. For example, square or rectangular frames are excellent on people with round faces.

Lens type

Lenses are important because of the protection they provide you against the harmful rays of the sun. While dark glasses are generally about the fashion statement, it is important to remember that they essentially keep your eyes safe from UV radiation. Choose among polarized and anti-glare lenses for the best effects.

Never purchase shades that do not have a sticker saying “100 percent UV protection”. Good quality lenses are often expensive. However, the investment is worth preventing chronic eye disorders that could potentially cause you a lot of pain and vision impairment.


Well, although people hate to admit it, what looks great may not always be very comfortable. Keep in mind that you must put on your sunglasses each time you step outside the house. Long hours wearing a pair of shades that looks great but hurts you is not a good idea. Compromising a little bit on looks for comfort is far more sensible. Always try the pair on before making your purchase.


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Happy Clients

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