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Why Bikers need AviatorsAdmittedly, there are a few common things that have been skipped here, no matter how important they are. Sitting close to the television, for example, is quite a well-known one. Still, these are activities that most of us take for granted, but end up harming our eyes.

Going outdoors without sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are fairly expensive, if you go for big brands of course. However, shades are not just a fashion accessory. They do serve a number of health purposes too. Sunglasses help keep harmful UV radiation out. If you allow your eyes to be exposed to the sun for long hours, you may develop numerous eye conditions, such as cataracts, keratitis, sunburn and even cancer. You can avoid most of these conditions just by keeping your eyes protected from direct sunlight.

Using eye drops too often

Regular use of eye-whitening drops, you may be in trouble. Many people believe that the medicinal properties of the solution can do no harm. Unfortunately, whitening solutions constrict the blood vessels in the eyes for a short while. This means that your eyes will end up even redder than they were before you applied the drops once the blood vessels in the eyes start to open up again. Instead of using clearing agents for your eyes, consider using some makeup tricks instead.

Using the wrong drops for dry eyes

If you suffer from ocular dryness (dry eyes), you may think that the problem has a one-stop solution – eye drops. Eye drops that you get at the supermarket may not have the best effects on your eyes though. These solutions are packed with numerous chemical preservatives, which may even cause further irritation in the eyes. Instead, consider purchasing the eye drops that are meant for one-time use. This way, you do not have to worry about the dosage, and you will have a solution which has no extra chemicals.

Staring at the screen for long hours

Looking at a computer screen for long can cause your eyes to dry up very fast. This is because the rate at which you blink comes down by a large margin when you are focused on the computer screen. To prevent this, you could set an alarm every half an hour or so, and concentrate on a point far off, so that your eyes get a chance to rehydrate.



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