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Matching Your Clothes With Your Sunglasses

Most people do like to match clothes and accessories, and often, this improves your overall look. Sunglasses are especially important to match because they tend to be one of the first accessories that other people notice when they look at you.

Matching Glasses and Hats

Hat & sunglasses

This is not always the best idea. Hats and shades are both accessories on the face. Their proximity makes them look better when they are contrasted, rather than matched. If you are wearing both, consider getting opposing colors so that you bring out the best in each of them. However, it is important match certain hat shapes with specific sunglasses types.

For example, fedoras look best with wayfarers, as do they with Rasta styled caps. Army prints go best with aviators for the overall army look. Skullcaps look great when they are paired with sleek sports frames.

Top hats will be great with round-mirrored lenses – for the Willy Wonka look. However that is a little bold by most people’s standards. A beret is accompanied very well with single lens large framed shades. 

Matching Sunglasses and Clothes

This is the most important aspect of accessorizing with sunglasses. If your look does not match the type of glasses you wear, they will look quite off-putting. On the up-side, a perfect combination will definitely floor people around you.

Aesthetic combinations are made only when you understand the underlying impacts of different shapes and materials of your clothes. When you wear denim, brown or beige accessories accentuate the lighter blue. They help bring out the sensitive hue of the clothes that otherwise goes unnoticed. On the other hand, you must also realize that a scarf or a stole outshines the visual effect of shirts and trousers.

This means that you will have to base your sunglass design on the neck-piece rather than the rest of what you are wearing. Once again, because of how close the two accessories are to each other, contrasting colors bring out the most in the both of them.

Light scarves go well with dark sunglass frames, and dark ones go well with light frame colors. If either the glasses frames or the scarf has a print or obvious design, make sure that the other one is plain. Two opposing designs never complement each other.


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