How to Adjust to New Eyeglasses

Adjusting to new eyeglasses will take some time, especially so if your eye power has changed. You may also have to adjust to the new eyeglass frames. It has been seen that people adjust to new eyeglasses in a few days if the prescription doesn’t change significantly.

The time taken to adjust to the new prescription glasses depends on the prescription – whether the eye power has changed by a significant margin, or whether would-be wearer has not worn eyeglasses until now. Additionally, if the wearer has changed from a larger to a smaller frame or even vice-versa, the time taken to adjust to the new eyeglasses will increase.

Clean the new lenses

Before you put the glasses on every morning, you should clean them with water and a soft cloth. Smudges and dust on the lenses can make adjusting to new eyeglasses difficult.

Wear them for extended periods

You should wear your new eyeglasses throughout the day, and only take them off when you experience dizziness or headaches. You should continue wearing them after the dizziness or headache passes away.

Move your head at regular intervals

If you have been prescribed graduated lenses (bi/trifocals) for your eyes, move your head at regular intervals. This will take some practice, but after a few days, you will feel comfortable while doing it.

Store eyeglasses in their cases

You should keep your eyeglasses in their cases, before you retire for the day. This will help you find them in good condition, without any scratches. The adjustment period will become harder if the frame is bent or if the glasses are scratched.