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Anti-glare coatings on eyeglasses will improve both vision and the appearance of your glasses. Both benefits accrue from the ability of the coatings to eliminate reflections.

Anti-reflective coatings are especially more useful when they are applied on lenses with high indexes. High index lenses will reflect considerably more light than normal plastic lenses. As the index of refraction rises, the amount of light reflected from the len’s surface goes up.

Today, glasses with anti-reflective coatings will allow up to 99.5% of the light that falls on the lenses to pass through and improve your vision.

Since reflections are eliminated, the eyeglasses also look clearer. Your eyes will be more visible and your expressions will be clearer. Anti-reflective glasses also make you look more attractive.

The visual benefits include sharper vision during night driving and greater comfort when facing the computer for prolonged time. Anti-reflective coatings are also good for sunglasses. In these glasses, anti-reflective coatings are applied to the side that faces the eyes. There are no cosmetic benefits obtained by applying them to the front side of the lenses. The sunlight falls on the surface that faces your eyes and pass through but don’t reflect back into the eyes.

When cleaning lenses with anti-reflective coatings, always use products recommended by your optician. Cleaning with harsh chemicals will damage the coating. Never attempt to clean dry lenses. Wiping them when they are dry can cause scratches. On anti-reflective coated lenses, fine scratches will be clearly visible.

The Benefits of Anti Reflective Coatings


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