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When you are purchasing a pair of sunglasses, you may miss out on some essential details in the glasses themselves. People often look for style and pricing, not much else. Though these factors are very important, there are certain things that most people forget to look out for. Take the color itself, for example.

If you find a pair of designer sunglasses that are very colorful and vibrant, you may want to pick it up because it will go very well with your summer dresses. However, this is a common error many people make while picking up a pair of designer frames.

Sunglasses are meant to be used whenever the sun is out, for the protection of your eyes. This may even include the winter. If you buy glasses that have too much color for your winter wardrobe, you may have trouble wearing them.

Protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiation of the sun

Another thing to look out for is the percentage of ultraviolet radiation that glasses keep out. Very often, we simply notice that UV rays are blocked, and we are content.

This is nowhere close to the protection that our eyes really need from the sun. Keep an eye out for sunglasses that prevent ninety-nine, to almost a hundred percent of the harmful rays from affecting your eyes and skin.

Buying the Right Pair of Sunglasses

Keep in mind the size of the lens

A factor that goes hand-in-hand with the UV protection is the size of the sunglass lens. Since dark glasses are now more of a fashion accessory than something worn for protection, there are a number of glasses that come with thin lenses. Make sure that the size of the lens is at least enough to cover your eyes from all four sides. Larger lenses are advisable as they help protect your skin too.

Choose the lens color with caution

The lens color is another thing that is generally used simply to make a fashion statement. If you look at it with a utilitarian perspective, you will know that different colors of polarized lenses give you different levels of visibility.

If you are driving, or participating in some activity that requires you to have good vision, choose shades of green, brown and grey. If this is not the case, then you may go for a solid black if you wish. Purple is a color that allows a lot of light to pass through. This may be a good color for winter.


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