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Eyewear for Basketball Players

If you play basketball, you know that you cannot just walk onto the court with a regular pair of spectacles and expect to walk out of the game unscathed. Unfortunately, the game can become quite heated, and the way you play may be affected greatly if you do not have your glasses or contacts on. This is not a viable option because glasses or contacts can be the cause of serious injury in basketball. A small nudge may cause the metallic frame to scrape the corner of the eye. However, a true sport never gives up the game just for the sake of some vision impairment.

Choice glasses for basketball

Sports eyewear includes a variety of glasses types. For basketball, the best glasses would be those that have curved lenses. The Oakley M Frames (Pro version) is an excellent example of eyewear that suits basketball players. The curved lenses ensure that you do not harm yourself in the process of playing, because their large circumference covers the entirety of the eye. This is useful because it also creates visibility in the widest possible radius. This makes it possible for you to see the ball no matter what angle you are getting a pass from. Also, they keep your eyes safe from damage caused by the glasses getting hit. The curved lenses and the durable frames make an excellent combination in dealing with this issue.

Certain aspects about curved lenses

Unfortunately, curved lenses are only great when a person’s eye power is not too high. If your eye power is on the high side, this may not be a feasible option for you. Curved lenses cannot support high powers, so it becomes difficult to create an efficient design specifically for basketball players.

Protective goggles and shields

If you wear glasses for the sole purpose of eye protection, and not because you have a vision deficiency, you could consider purchasing a pair of shields or goggles to ensure that you do not get seriously injured while playing. The sport involves a lot of contact, and the fast passes and swift hand movements always leave the possibility of getting poked in the eye. Another person’s nail scratching the delicate tissue of the eye could even lead to blindness. For this reason, some professional players tend to wear goggles to keep their eyes safe while they are on the court. Our Oakville store carries a variety of brands that provide the same.


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