Aviators have become quite a fashion statement these days. Many people, irrespective of whether they ride or not, choose to wear these classic shades because of the style statement and social impact they make thanks to the qualities attributed to the wearer. However, there is a real and logical reason why bikers took to the design in the first place.

Aviators were originally designed for U.S. Air Force pilots during the Second World War. The design has some important features that make them useful to pilots. They have large frames,  dark lenses, and metallic frames. This combination is perfect for bikers due to a number of reasons.

Why size matters

Pilots in the 20th century faced hazardous condition where the atmosphere could harm them, causing them to suffer during battle. To avoid this, large frames and dark lenses helped keep out dangerous atmospheric particles from the eyes. This logic has been applied by a number of individuals who are adventurous and are required to stay out for long periods during the day.

Bikers require such shades because of the possibility of debris and sand flying into the eyes, affecting their riding.  Oakville can also get quite sunny during the summers. The constant heat and exposure to sunlight can affect the eyes and harm a person. The large frames and lenses ensure that they keep out as much sunlight as possible from the eyes.

 It  is important that bikers have anti-glare sunglasses so that any glass, water or metal on the road does not reflect light directly into the rider’s eyes, affecting concentration. Once you notice all these factors, it becomes easier to understand why bikers need aviators; opposed to how most people assume it is a style-factor that is predominant.

Metallic frames

Simply put, plastic frames are not as durable as metallic frames. Bikers are away for long periods and their sunglasses are subject to the general wear and tear of the journey. Metallic frames are simply more convenient as they last  longer  and can be serviced. If the plastic frames are  bent too much, they snap.

Metal frames on the other hand simply lose their original shape, an issue that can be solved with ease. Small adjustments can also be made to metallic frames so that they fit better on the wearer. This removes an unnecessary distraction while concentrating on the road.

Why Bikers need Aviators