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Eyewear for 2016

The hottest trends in eyewear for spring 2016 include bold colours and patterns, opaque acetate, over-sized cat eye frames and circular shapes. These are just some of the features of eyewear for 2016.

Here’s what you can expect to see for both men and women:

For Women – Oversized Frames and Pastel Colours

This spring, eyewear frames will appear soft, youthful and feminine in muted shades of pink, baby blue and lavender. Examples include matte blue frames with translucent peach sidebars or translucent cat eye frames in soft pale pink.

Over-Sized Cat Eye

Over-sized cat eye frames are always glamourous and never go out of style. This year, you’ll see them exaggerated and improved with modern touches, trimmings and bold colour choices. Half-rim and keyhole frames make a fashion statement piece. Examples include over-sized cat eye frames in clear jade green or dark caramel.

Pink Cat Eye

Rose quartz and other shades of pink will be seen everywhere this year. A pair of half-rim cat eye frames with pink brow line detailing is a stylish option.

Opaque Acetate

You’ll find a variety of colours, shapes and transparencies in opaque acetate frames for spring 2016. Streamlined, clean and modern, opaque acetate continues to be a popular trend. This year these streamlined, clean and modern frames have been slightly updated with soft muted colours for feminine appeal.

A tinted or mirrored lens finish will give you a high-fashion look or try a half-translucent frame in dusty rose or pale yellow.


Circular sunglasses merged with bold patterns, animal prints and fresh colours update this 90s-inspired shape. These frames have a kind of edgy sophistication that you can get in black and white combinations, marble frames and new versions of the classic tortoiseshell pattern.

FOR MEN – Architectural Elements and Metal Details

For 2016, classic men’s styles have been inspired by global travels and architectural elements. Fresh details like exposed hardware and two-tone acetate frames have been added.

Round Lens Aviator

The enduring aviator frame style has been modernized with round lenses, metal bridges and opaque plastic frames, perfect for the fashion-forward man. You can now get round lens aviators with mirrored lenses and wood-textured frames.


Bold colours, texture and architectural elements and metal details have been added to the traditional browline frame for 2016. The retro 1950s shape remains unchanged, but details like studs and coloured lenses transport them into the 21st century. Try a pair of blue browlines, embellished with studded metal details on the sidebars.

Square Glasses

Square glasses are another timeless style that’s been popular with men for decades. This year, two-tone acetate frames and keyhole accents add a sporty yet sophisticated variation to the classic square shape. A pair of two-tone black and clear acetate frames is one stylish possibility.


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Happy Clients

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