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What Your Doctor Needs to Know Before You Have Laser Eye Surgery

If  you’re considering having laser eye surgery, you need to have an in-depth discussion with your eye surgeon about potential risks. People with certain conditions or lifestyles may need to rethink having the surgery at all. Here’s what your doctor needs to know before you have laser eye surgery. Weighing the Risks For people with certain medical conditions or lifestyles,  Read More →

Are Anti-Reflective Coatings Worth the Cost?

An anti-reflective coating, or AR, is applied to lenses to reduce glare caused by light hitting the back of lenses. This coating has also been called anti-glare, no-glare or glare-free. Read on to discover if anti-reflective coatings are worth the cost for you. Anti-Reflective Coatings of the Past In the past, AR coatings may have been deemed more of a  Read More →

Eyeglass Lens Coatings Provide Vision Enhancement and Protection

There could be many reasons why you would want to add a lens coating to your eyeglass prescription. Eyeglass lens coatings provide vision enhancement and protection. Some help the wearer to see better under certain conditions, as when driving at night. Sometimes, lens coatings protect against scratches, as well as enhancing the way your glasses look. Let’s look at what  Read More →

Is Your Teen Ready for Contact Lenses?

If your teenager needs corrective lenses but resents the need to wear glasses, contact lenses could be the solution. Not only will contacts help to boost their self-esteem, but contacts are less likely to become damaged while they play sports. Here are some pointers to help you decide if your teen is ready for contact lenses. Age and Responsibility Parents  Read More →

About Bifocal Contact Lenses

In the past, people who were farsighted were limited to bifocal prescription glasses. Today, bifocal contact lenses are available in both soft and rigid materials and many patients who are farsighted can now enjoy the added convenience of disposable bifocal contact lenses. Here’s some information about bifocal contact lenses to help you decide if they are something you’d like to  Read More →

Extended Wear Contact Lenses That Can be Worn Overnight

Contact lenses have come a long way since they were first introduced. New advances in silicone material have made them more comfortable than ever before. There are even extended wear contact lenses that can be worn overnight. In fact, these lenses can be worn continuously for up to 30 days without being removed or cleaned. However, only lenses that allow  Read More →

Bifocal and Multifocal Contact Lenses

As you reach your 40’s, you may find that your eyesight has changed, necessitating some type of vision correction.  If that’s the case, bifocal and multifocal contact lenses may be options you should consider. The Different Between Bifocals and Multifocal Lenses Bifocal contact lenses have two powers, just like bifocal eyeglass lenses. One power is for seeing clearly far away  Read More →

Caring for your Contact Lenses

If you’re thinking about replacing your eyeglasses with contacts, it’s important to understand the significance of caring for your contact lenses properly and what that involves. In order to avoid eye infections, some of which could even lead to blindness, proper lens care must be an important part of your daily routine. Caring for your contact lenses is really not  Read More →

What You should Know about Colored Contact Lenses

Inspired by film stars and pop music icons, people across various age groups are now experimenting with colored contact lenses to enhance their look. Though contact lens are usually worn by people to correct problems in their natural vision like astigmatism, presbyopia, dry eyes and other issues, people now wear them for cosmetic reasons too. Contact lenses worn without prescription  Read More →

Contact Lenses for People Suffering from Dry Eyes

Contact lenses are a great option if you need vision correction and you do not like to wear glasses. Many people feel that glasses do not suit their wardrobe at times or are simply not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you feel the same way, contact lenses might be an option to look at. But  Read More →


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Happy Clients

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Looking for the best brands and latest styles for less?

Each of our 2 locations has a unique promotion this week. Don’t miss out!