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Read This Before You Buy Halloween Contact Lenses

If you want your eyes to look like those of a vampire or some other spooky character this All Hallows’ Eve, special contact lenses can do that for you but you should read this before you buy Halloween contact lenses. Get Them from an Optician In order to buy Halloween contact lenses, you need a prescription from a qualified eye  Read More →

High-Definition Eyeglass Lenses Can Correct Optical Irregularities

You may benefit from high-definition eyeglass lenses if you wear eyeglasses that fully correct your vision but you still feel unhappy about how you see. Sometimes higher-order irregularities can affect your vision, even if your prescription eyeglasses correct the main cause of your vision problem. These irregularities can be caused by the optical characteristics of your eyes or by the  Read More →

Children’s Glasses They’ll Love and You Can Feel Good About

Kids can be picky when it comes to wearing something that will affect their looks and parents should be just as picky about fit and how long the glasses will last in the often rough and tumble world of kids. Children’s glasses need to be kid-tough and very fashionable, so they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and  Read More →

Eyeglass Lens Coatings Provide Vision Enhancement and Protection

There could be many reasons why you would want to add a lens coating to your eyeglass prescription. Eyeglass lens coatings provide vision enhancement and protection. Some help the wearer to see better under certain conditions, as when driving at night. Sometimes, lens coatings protect against scratches, as well as enhancing the way your glasses look. Let’s look at what  Read More →

Shatter-Proof Lenses Are Recommended for Children

It is in the nature of all children to run, jump, climb and throw things and that means accidents are sometimes unavoidable. If your child wears eyeglasses and they break because she collided with someone during a game of soccer or got hit in the face with a basketball, you could be looking at serious injury to your child’s face  Read More →

Tint Your Photochromic Lenses Any Colour You Want

You can tint your photochromic lenses any colour you want. Tinted lenses stay one colour all the time, no matter where they are worn. They can be a solid, uniform colour or gradient, fading from top to bottom. Tinted lenses can be had in almost any shade you can imagine and in all different lens materials. Choose a colour for  Read More →

The Right Eyewear to Protect Your Teen During Sports

  Playing sports of any kind in regular glasses can be hazardous to your teen’s eyesight. Besides the fact that those expensive glasses may get broken, broken lenses pose a definite risk to your child’s vision. Be sure to choose the right eyewear to protect your teen during sports. Facts about Sport Eye Injuries During racquet sports, the ball regularly  Read More →

Which Intraocular Lens is Right for You?

Perhaps you’ve been referred to an eye surgeon because cataracts have made your vision blurry and need to be removed. If you have severe cataracts, the only treatment is to remove the eye’s natural lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). There are four different kinds of IOLs. Your eye surgeon will discuss with you which intraocular  Read More →

About Bifocal Contact Lenses

In the past, people who were farsighted were limited to bifocal prescription glasses. Today, bifocal contact lenses are available in both soft and rigid materials and many patients who are farsighted can now enjoy the added convenience of disposable bifocal contact lenses. Here’s some information about bifocal contact lenses to help you decide if they are something you’d like to  Read More →

Extended Wear Contact Lenses That Can be Worn Overnight

Contact lenses have come a long way since they were first introduced. New advances in silicone material have made them more comfortable than ever before. There are even extended wear contact lenses that can be worn overnight. In fact, these lenses can be worn continuously for up to 30 days without being removed or cleaned. However, only lenses that allow  Read More →


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Happy Clients

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Looking for the best brands and latest styles for less?

Each of our 2 locations has a unique promotion this week. Don’t miss out!