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Meet Your Friendly Neighbourhood Optician

Opticians are highly-skilled eye care professionals who design and dispense eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids and prosthetic ocular devices for customers. They must pass specific certification and educational criteria that demonstrates that they are qualified to become an optician.  As with other health professions, opticians have undergone rigorous and extensive training to fulfill education and practice skills. The education  Read More →

Your Child and Computer Vision Syndrome

Using computers is a routine part of kids’ lives these days and they often start sitting in front of a computer screen before the age of nine. Children may spend up to three hours a day on a computer surfing the Internet, doing homework, talking with friends and playing video games. You may wonder how all of this computer use  Read More →

How to Read your Eyeglass Prescription

It’s all Greek and Latin to you, abbreviations such as OS, OD and OU, stare at your face as you look at the prescription for your eyeglasses. Although you may not be required to understand everything in it, it helps to get a hang of what it means. An eyeglass prescription is mostly about refractive error correction. A refractive error  Read More →

Optical Defect – Astigmatism

Astigmatism refers to an eye condition that prevents you from focusing properly on an object by creating a sharp image on the retina. The blurred image could be due to an irregularity of the toric curvature of either the lens or the cornea. Essentially, there are two types of astigmatism: regular and irregular. Regular astigmatism is the more common variant,  Read More →

Finding Comfortable and Perfect-fitting Eyeglasses

A study conducted by the Vision Council revealed that while majority of the women prioritize style and look of eyeglasses, men are usually more concerned about how comfortable the glasses are and how well they fit. However, the truth is that even if a pair of glasses look very trendy and good on your face, you would not be happy  Read More →

Dealing with Eye Problems for those with Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities have a higher tendency to develop eye-related conditions. If you have children who have an issue with learning, it is important to know that they may not be able to inform you of certain issues regarding their eyesight. People who have learning disabilities have a ten-time higher tendency to suffer from visual impairment when compared to  Read More →

Tips to Help You Preserve Eyesight

Keeping your eyes safe from harmful factors in the environment like the UV radiation from the sun is vital in maintaining proper vision. Here are a few tips that should help ensure that your visibility does not get degraded. These tips should help both those who have good eyesight as well as those who do not have 20/20 vision. Wear  Read More →

Seven Foods to Help You See Better

If you have perfect vision, then it is likely that you take your eyesight for granted at times. Why wait for your vision to become impaired? You can prevent your eyes from going bad just by adding a few things to your diet. Carrots You have probably heard enough about how good raw carrots are for your eyes. Whatever you  Read More →

Ways to Find Out if Your Kid Needs Glasses

Dealing with toddlers is difficult business. It is enjoyable no doubt, but tricky at the same time. You have to constantly look out for signs to understand what they are feeling. Due to the communication gap between infants and their parents, it is important to pay close attention to your children’s reaction to visual cues to determine whether they need  Read More →

Tips for Buying Contact Lenses

There are many misconceptions about contact lenses among consumers. Not many people are informed about how safe they are or for what age-group they are best suited. This group of customers is relatively conservative in their mindset. On the other hand, there are a number of people who make online purchases for contact lenses without knowing much about the product.  Read More →


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Happy Clients

Happy Clients

“Next Optical had all the latest brands and their experienced staff helped me choose glasses that suited my style.”

∼ K. Mate


Looking for the best brands and latest styles for less?

Each of our 2 locations has a unique promotion this week. Don’t miss out!