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Sunglasses: The Pros of Investing in a Quality Pair

Sunglasses as a fashion accessory are indispensable and there’s only word to describe them- cool. Sunglasses are not only a style statement, there are medical benefits associated with them too. So the question now is what kind of sunglasses you should go for; the ones you can buy off the shelf at the local supermarket or the ones that are  Read More →

Why Sunglasses For Surfers Are Important

Sunglasses especially made for surfers are designed to protect the eyes during water activities. The polarized lens also reduce the transmission of glare caused by light reflecting off the water and other wet surfaces such as surf boards. A surfer’s exposure to sunlight is often prolonged. The reflective ocean surface magnifies the sun’s rays and can cause cataracts and pterygium  Read More →

How Important are Sunglasses for Children?

Children have an equal, if not a greater need for eye protection. Children spend more of their time outdoors than adults. The sun’s harmful UV rays can do serious damage to their eyes. The World Health Organisation says that more than 18 million people in the world have been blinded due to cataracts. More than 5% of these can be  Read More →

Can Eyeglasses Enhance Vision During Sports?

Did you know that there are some eyeglasses that are designed to increase your athletic performance? It is common knowledge that sports is a vision driven activity. So it is important to keep your vision in perfect condition. Even if you have 20/20 vision, the right sports glasses can give you an edge over your competitors. How? Read on to  Read More →

Different Kinds of Lenses in Sunglasses

There are many different kinds of lenses for sunglasses and you’ll have a lot of choice when you are buying sunglasses. For example, certain lens tints help visibility in specific conditions while others concentrate on some other functionality. A few of the options are mentioned below. Anti reflective coating and polarized lens Both of these cut glare. Polarized lenses are  Read More →

Biking Sunglasses

Biking and sunglasses go hand-in-hand. It’s not just about the looks and blocking dust; a good pair of biking or cycling sunglasses serves many other purposes. It can be elemental to your safety and can enhance your riding experience. The frame and the lens are made to withstand far more than just wind and debris. These are the qualities that  Read More →

The Top 3 Trends in Sunglasses

Unlike clothes, trends in sunglasses continue to be in fashion for years, rather than months. Many of the trends that started last year are expected to be in vogue this year as well. If you are in search of trendy shades, here are the top 3 styles to look out for. Polarized sunglasses These glare resistant shades are made using  Read More →

Two Exciting New Additions to Next Optical’s Eye Care Range

Wondering what’s new at Next Optical? Two well-known brands are now part of our range. Spy Optic and Tiffany & Co., are the latest additions, and they will make you want to visit a Next Optical near you today! If you are a fan of either or both these labels, you’ll no doubt know just how great their eyewear is.  Read More →


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Happy Clients

Happy Clients

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Looking for the best brands and latest styles for less?

Each of our 2 locations has a unique promotion this week. Don’t miss out!