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Cheap versus Expensive Sunglasses

Why are sunglasses so expensive? Does it really take a lot of investment to put together two pieces of tinted glass or plastic in a metallic or plastic frame? Well, the truth is that good quality sunglasses have a lot more to them than just plastic, metal and tinted glass. Every lens type that is developed has a specific purpose.

Protecting you from UV radiation

UV protection lenses, for instance, ensure that the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun does not affect the cornea and retina of your eyes. Good quality UV protection lenses can keep 100% of the UV rays out, keeping your eyes in good shape no matter how long you are out in the sun. Polarized lenses on the other hand have the effect of keeping glare out completely.

Anti-glare sunglasses

On bright days, bright light bouncing of wet or reflective surfaces can be very distracting. Such disturbances can be very dangerous too, especially if you are driving. Polarized lenses have the effect of keeping the eyes protected from this glaring light. Also, it is not just bright light that is blocked. Even on days when it is moderately bright, the eyes can be strained due to constant squinting.

Some sunglasses can keep up to 97% of light from entering a person’s eyes, keeping them safe from retinal damage. Constantly squinting and straining the eye leads to long-term damage. Most sunglasses that protect people from all these problems are quite expensive.

Improved visibility through different lens colors

However, it is far better to invest in such a pair as long as your eyes are safe from the sun and the harmful effects its radiation can have. There are some sunglasses in Oakville that eliminate certain specific light frequencies. This is usually dependent on the color gradient that you choose for your lenses.

Some light frequencies can blur the vision, while other can enhance the contrast. By choosing the right color lenses, you can decide which kind you want. If you are participating in activities like shooting and archery, then it is advisable that you buy sunglasses that have brown or green gradient and polarized lenses.

They help improve vision. On the other hand, if you are wearing sunglasses when it is not very bright, you may choose other colored lenses like purple, so that your visibility improves. Consider purchasing expensive sunglasses which are a long-term investment to protect your eyes.


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