How to Choose a Brand of Contact Lens

There are many brand of contact lenses in the market and choosing the right one for your needs can be a difficult job. Each brand has its own unique features, which may potentially make it the right one for you. Basically, there is no one brand that can fit all users.

Lens are either soft contact lenses or hard contact lenses. The latter tend to be uncomfortable because they don’t allow passage of air. But compared to soft contact lenses they are more durable and last for a longer time. Some kinds can even last for up to a year if properly cared for and maintained. The vision is of a high quality and to an extent nearsightedness can also be checked from progressing.

Most of the lenses used these days are soft contact lenses. They are very comfortable and they even come in disposable varieties, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your lens everyday. They are thinner and smaller than hard contact lenses, and are more flexible to wear.

A comfortable pair contact lens makes allowance for oxygen transmission and facilitates tear exchange. This fit depends on the base curve. The base curve of the lens should have the same curvature as the cornea. Most lenses have a common base curves, but there are certain brands with flatter or steeper base curves.

The diameter of the lens controls the comfort and the lens centration. Depending on the shape of your cornea and your eyes, you may need a lens with a larger diameter which will sit on the cornea comfortably.

Some brands of contact lenses have extended ranges of power. You can avail of them if you have high myopia or hyperopia. There are also contact lenses with special lens treatment that helps them remain moist longer, which means less irritation. You can also keep such lenses in you eyes for a longer time.