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Eyeglass Frames

If you need new eyeglasses, the choice of frames is nearly unlimited and that makes finding the right frame style for you, personally, a bit of a challenge. But there are guidelines that will help you to choose eyeglass frames that suit your unique style, look great on you and fit comfortably.

Narrow Down the Choices

Before you go shopping for eyewear frames, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want delicate or bold, retro or modern, conservative or a little wild?
  • Where will you be wearing them – at work, for social occasions?
  • What colours look best on you? Which colours do you like best? (Look at the colours in your wardrobe for hints.)
  • What is your face shape?
  • What do you like or dislike about your current eyeglasses?

Once you answer these questions, your optician can help you narrow down your search for the frames you will most likely be happy with.

Fit and Comfort

If your new frames don’t fit well or are uncomfortable, you won’t want to wear them, so be sure the fit is right. Judge the fit of frames using these tips:

  • Choose frames that are wide enough for your face to ensure that the sidebars aren’t too snug. The edge of the frames should extend slightly beyond your face so the sidebars don’t press against your head.
  • Be sure the sidebars are long enough so that the curve at the end extends over your ears without pressing down on them.
  • The nosepiece must be comfortable. Many eyeglass frames have soft, silicone nose pads that can be adjusted for a customized fit. If the ones you choose don’t have this feature, be sure the nose piece fits securely without pinching the bridge of your nose.
  • When your new eyeglasses are ready for pick up, put them on and move your head up and down and bend over as if to pick something off the floor to see how well the glasses stay in place. If there is any slipping or discomfort, the optician can make adjustments.

Buying Multiple Pairs

Your eyewear is as much a fashion accessory as anything else you wear. If you have a varied wardrobe for work, home and social gatherings, you may want more than one pair of glasses. Of course, if the budget is tight, choose one frame that will go with any outfit you wear.


Life can be hard on our glasses. For extra durability, consider investing in frames made from titanium or stainless steel, which are stronger and more hard-wearing than other metal frame materials. “Memory metal” is a titanium-based alloy that returns to its original shape even if they are severely bent or twisted.


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Happy Clients

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