Girl trying on eyewear

The older we get, the more likely we are to need eyeglasses. If glasses must be worn all the time, they also become an important fashion accessory. The wrong eyewear frames can date us and make us look our age.

For a more youthful look, choose eyewear that makes you look younger by considering frame style and colour. 

An Eyewear Face Lift

When you choose styles that focus attention upward and outward on the face, you can defy gravity and keep people guessing your age. Some important things to consider:

  • Upswept or cat’s eye frames visually lift the face to make you look younger
  • Avoid aviator styles and other eyewear with heavy bottoms or a downward sweep that focus attention downward
  • Create a focal point by choosing frames with an extra touch of colour on the upper frame or outer corners
  • Sidebars attached at or toward the top of the frames accentuate the cheekbones and open up the face

Eyewear Frames

Choose frame styles and weights that complement your face and features while keeping you up-to-date with current style trends. Even classic styles become dated over time, so change your frames as fashions change.

The size of your frames is also important. For a younger look be sure to choose eyewear that complements your personal face size. Wearing ultra-large frames when small frames are the trend can make you look older and vice-versa.

Just like shoes, one pair of eyewear can’t be right for every occasion. Keep a few different frames on hand that will suit different activities, outfits or occasions.

Eyewear Frame Colour

As we age, our colouring and features start to soften and colours we could wear in the past start to look harsh on us. As a result, we must choose colour carefully in order to bring out our best and look younger.

  • Frames that echo your softer skin, hair or eye colour will be more complimentary
  • Shiny, lighter visual weight and rimless glasses can work well to compliment your personal colouring, unless…
  • If you have wrinkles, dark circles or baggy eyes, steer clear of rimless frames and try thick, larger ones instead
  • Forgo metallic frames in favour of a fiery red or deep blue pair to add warmth, softness and a bit of fun to your face. This works especially well when matched to the colour of your eyes, hair or outfit
  • Avoid heavy, dark or dull colours that tend to pull the face downward. If you’re a fan of black, go for for gun metal, deep brown or burgundy colours instead to help you look younger

Your glasses can have a big impact on how you are seen by others. Selecting the right eyewear frame colour and shape will ensure that you always appear fashionable and ageless.