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Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.56.15 AMYour little girl looks rather adorable in her sunglasses, but let’s not forget that sunglasses are not just about being cool. Sunglasses are about protecting your little one’s eyes from harsh lights or bright sunlight as well.

So, according to eye specialists, children need sunglasses when they step out, because your kids tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and could be exposed to UV radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is high between 10 am and 2 pm, so if your kid is out in the sun, make sure he or she wears sunglasses. Before picking sunglasses for your children, take a look at the following aspects to make sure the sunglasses are high on both style and safety quotients.

Things to keep in mind

  • Get sunglasses that block UV radiation, and look for big, wraparound ones so a large amount of skin around the eyes is covered.
  • The lens should be impact-proof. Children tend to trip and fall a lot, so the lens need to be scratch-proof ones and should not pop out or break. The sunglasses should sit close to the face so make sure you buy the right size.
  • Also, ensure that the hinges of the frames have a spring mechanism that keeps the frame close to the face.
  • Choose polycarbonate lenses because they are more sturdy and durable than others. They are also lighter than material like glass or plastic.
  • Frames such as rubber are soft and cause the least discomfort to children; pick frames that are both strong and offer some comfort.
  • When you buy sunglasses for children, there are styles that are much like sunglasses for adults, so pick some of the trendy ones so your kid looks cool. You don’t necessarily have to pick bubblegum shades; there are other colors available too.
  • Oval, cat-eye and geometric shapes are popular among kids and come in colors like tortoise, black, blue and green. A sporty style could look very good on your little boy.
  • Getting retainers or cords attached to the frame so your kid can remove the sunglasses and retain them around the neck is a good idea. The chances of your kid misplacing them are fewer.
  • Make sure never to buy cheap sunglasses or imitation ones because the quality of lens and the tints could be compromised. Your kids’ eyes are young and precious and you wouldn’t want to risk any harm to them.



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