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A must have in every single person’s essential wear, be it man woman or child, sunglasses are probably the most popular functional fashion accessory to have in your wardrobe. Much like timeless must have jeans have a few bespoke internationally common and standard styles, certain sunglass styles are a definite all season and every occasion staples that will continue to remain eternally cool and forever in vogue.

The invention of sunglasses

Introduced in America as a lifestyle choice, sunglasses premiered as recently as 1929-30, with the first styles invented and worn by Sam Foster who sold these before unseen trend setting glasses came along the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Although history shows the use of tinted glasses during medieval times to either conceal expression or correct vision. Sam Foster was the first to patent his design and appeal to numerous beach goers in the American west coast.

By the 1940s sunglasses came to be seen as a fashion accessory, and helped pave the path to sunglasses reckoned as immutable functional and styling additions to people across the globe. Since then the history of style inventions in sunglasses has seen a few characteristic shapes that have withstood the test of time and continue to win the favor of people till date.

Bold and cool Aviators

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.11.16 PMOriginally designed to keep the sun out of the eyes of US military fighter pilots in 1936, aviator inspired sunglasses were open to public purchase by 1937. Fitting models that banned incident light rays, and aptly named brand, Ray Ban aviator glasses were immediate hits. The style spread like wildfire and has been in the limelight ever since. One of our personal favorites as well, classic Aviators have been made incredibly popular with several celebrities and film stars sporting a relaxed pair of either typical green tints or the more modern dark and sepia shades.

Readily spotted in their unique design that includes a fine metal frame with teardrop shaped tinted shades, Aviators match fashion styles effortlessly and are incredibly versatile pieces for everyday use. A common look on many people on a sunny day, aviators suit several different faces and accentuate features in an appealing manner. Exuding a rough and risky style attitude, aviator shades works perfectly with daily jeans and tee shirt or classic button down shirt with composed spirit and audacious élan.

Wear it like a Wayfarer

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.39.12 PMKnown more as a part of brand than the style itself, wayfarer design of sunglasses are absolutely chic for travel and day errands. The wayfarer style of frame was first presented to public in 1952, though only found attention after being popularized by Hollywood fashion icon Audrey Hepburn in her role as Holly Golightly in 1960.

Immaculately cool and truly hip, these shades have become stylistic expressions for that little bit of subversive artist, recluse, traveler and anarchist within every personality. Make your look even hotter and totally nonchalant with these super cute sunshades that match almost any style and remains classic forever.

Style it up with Teashades

TeashadesMade popular by iconic personalities like John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne, teashades were first seen in the 1960s and since then have become synonymous with signature style and chic fashion. Rock out with typical small frames highlighted by light blue tints, or get heavy duty with dark black tints.

Pleasing to the eye and undeniably fashionable, circle frames in both plastic and metal have outlined style for decades together. Recently seen on many a movie star and famous personality, typical circle or teashades have resurfaced in popular styles across the globe. However these frames aren’t as readily found, having run out of commercial manufacture. Sunglass aficionados are more likely to find these pair in antique stores or flea markets.

Oversized shades

Circle shades heightened to the level of stylish charm and elegance in big round oversized frames as worn by Jackie-O and Elton John have been fashion statements ever since the 1960s. Currently available in a variety of shapes like rounded square, oversized cat eye, big squares are all season wardrobe additions. Super-size your appeal with gorgeous pieces that complement long hair dos and variety outfits. Worn by music personalities and movie stars to complete chic looks, oversized shades have continued to remain a classic fashion accessory since their inception. 

Clip ons and Flip ups 

Inventive and original, flip up shades stepped into the limelight in the late 70s and 80s as grand accompaniments to retro discos style. Worn by the likes of Dwayne Wayne, and Robert Downey Jr. flip up shades allow users the ability to switch between tinted view and clear eyeglasses. Too cool not to have mentioned as a classic style, these fashion accessories evolved to clip on shades that can be detached from the frames altogether. Fun and playful, flip shades are exciting and absolutely radical style for its time.


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Happy Clients

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Looking for the best brands and latest styles for less?

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