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Nowadays, sunglasses are part of an individual’s style. You can choose from a wide variety of designs like the aviator, wayfarer and more along with different kinds of lenses such as mirrored or Polaroid. Another choice you have is about the color tint of the lenses, which can help to reduce glare and sharpen contrast. Here’s a bit about the color tinted lenses you have available to choose from.

 Smoke/Gray/Green – This is one of the most used and most popular color tints for lenses. The reason is that they do not change the value of daylight and are dark enough to cut the glare on a sunny day. This tint also prevents eye fatigue and is ideal for outdoor activities and general-purpose daytime wear.

 Amber/Brown– An amber tint on lenses gives a person a sepia-toned view and a warm-colored outlook. This tint blocks blue rays and provides improved contrast, which is known to enhance depth perception. This is particularly helpful on overcast, hazy or foggy days when the sun is not so intense. The amber tint is particularly ideal for use during outdoor activities, especially ones in which distance has to be judged such as golf, hunting, boating and similar activities.

 Yellow– Similar to amber tint, the yellow tint is also known to improve contrast and depth perception. Yellow tinted lenses provide greater clarity during foggy, hazy and other low-light conditions. Unlike amber lenses that can be used only for daytime activities, the yellow tint, by virtue of being brighter, can also be worn in the evening. Yellow is known to cause color distortion, but the brightness of the lenses makes it ideal for use during outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking, shooting and others.

 Pink/Red– The red or rose color tint also blocks blurry blue rays and sharpens vision. This tint also helps to enhance visual depth and improve contrast and also reduces eye strain. Pink or red lenses alter color balances a bit but are ideal for driving as these shades improves road visibility. They are also good for reducing eye strain and glare for computer users. If you wants to wear sunglasses for longer periods of time, this is the best color choice.

 Blue/Purple– Blue or purple-tinted lenses serve a more fashionable purpose. The blue shade enhances contrast and reduces glare and help to identify contours better. This shade of lens is endorsed by tennis professionals of the USPTA. These lenses are suitable for all outdoor activities, especially in the snow or on the water where bright light is reflected.

Regardless of the style and type of lenses, choosing the right color of tint also plays a significant role in your final choice. Each color is beneficial in its own way.






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