Oakley-MilitaryColor certainly matters while choosing sunglasses. When you talk of color, there are both aspects of fashion and convenience that you need to consider. Talking of purely practical functional stuff, the utmost importance must be paid to lens tints.

  • Tints that are brown or amber help in brightening vision on a rather gloomy day. They block bluish light, and heighten contrast. Wearing amber tinted sunglasses can be ideal for sports such as baseball, cycling or water sports.
  • Rosy or red tints can block light and soothe the eyes. They are used a lot among computer user.
  • Greenish tints offer sharp images with a heightened contrast. They are useful in games such as golf or tennis.
  • Orange or yellowish tints help in dim/low lights and can be used for snow-related activities.
  • Greyish tints are neutral and allow the eye to see colors in their truest form. They lower glare and brightness and are ideal for driving. 
  • Bluish tints are ideal for lowering glare in very bright-light conditions.

 Frames and skin tone

 Having decided on the lens tints, you should pay attention to the frames. You would need to decide on frames depending on the tone of your skin. When you inspect your arm’s underside in daylight, you will be able to understand what your skin tone is.

If you have a golden hue and greenish veins, you have a warm tone. If the veins are bluish and the undersides of the arms are pink or rosy, then you have a cool skin tone. The best shades for cool tones are pink, purple, blue, green silver, tortoise or black.

For those with warm tones, frames in ivory, red, yellow, gold, brown, orange, tan or olive work well. Make sure to match the color of your frame with your skin tone and not the clothes you are wearing.

Frames and hair color

The other method of picking the right frames is the color of your hair. If you have black or darkish brown hair, you could use white frames. You could also pick black frames for a traditional look. White blonds should pick red frames, while white or black work too. Auburns should pick chocolate, burgundy or maroon colored frames, and avoid red.

Redheads should pick green for a really bold look. Brown or gold also work for them. If you are a golden blond, you could pick blue, silver or whitish-gold colors for your frames. Chestnut brown brunettes should opt for caramel frames.