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Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 8.46.32 PMWhile buying sunglasses and ordinary prescription sun glasses, choosing the right frame is very important as it should enhance your face contours. Glass frames are available in several designs and are also made with varied materials to suit different skin types. From traditional rimmed glasses that were the only option available a few years ago, buyers can now opt for semi rimmed and rimless glasses according to their preference and comfort level.

Making a style statement with designer frame

Today you need not wear glasses just to improve your vision as zero power designer frames can give you an entirely new look and personality. The variety of colors, shapes, sizes and prices available in designer eyeglass frames make the buyer feel spoilt for choice whether they are buying for prescription or to make a style statement.

Frame material choices

Today glass frames are available in various materials like titanium, plastic, steel, aluminum, silver and chrome, which one can choose to suit their skin type. In early days when only plastic and steel frames were available, people had no choice but to wear them even if they were allergic to these materials. Sometimes this would leave ugly scars on the nose bridge of these unfortunate old people as they had to wear them all the time.  

Matching frames to face shapes

With designer frames available from top houses like Prada, Gucci, Dior and others people now have options to just try on various designs available and order their prescription glasses which will be ready within days.

  • Round frames – Though round frames have been in existence since glasses were first invented they were popularized by hippies in round sunglasses in early 1970’s. Now there are large round designer sunglasses that almost cover half of a wearer’s face which are preferred by celebrities when they go to public places. These look good on faces with pointed chins and wide foreheads.
  • Aviators frames – Popularized by RayBan as preferred frames worn by aviators, these are shaped like water drops and are completely rimmed to maintain the shape. These frames are best suited for people with angular narrow faces as they emphasize cheek bones.

  • Rectangular frames – People with small oval faces or large round cheeked faces would do well to wear rectangular frames to make the face appear small and attractive.

  • Oval frames – Square faces are ideal for oval frames as the flat rimless design makes the face appear angular and distinguished.

When selecting a suitable frame for your glasses, make sure that eyebrows are above or along the upper rim to give it a perfect look. Look at yourself from various angles and take the opinion of the optician to select the perfect pair which are comfortable and also look good on you.




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Happy Clients

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