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Common Questions and Answers on SunglassesNumerous studies have shown the relation of ultraviolet radiation to eye disease. One of the primary functions of sunglasses is to keep your eyes protected from such harmful radiations. Although most people already know this, few understand the implication or importance.

Extended hours outside, where your eyes are exposed to bright sunlight, could cause macular degeneration, cataracts, harmful growth on the surface of the eyes, and even cancer.

You should wear dark glasses that keep out at least 99 percent of UV radiation. 100 percent UV block is recommended, but if you cannot find sunglasses that meet this criteria, look out for stickers that state that the lenses block a minimum of 99 percent. Lower grade lenses are not worth purchasing, as your eyes will get damaged to a certain extent even if you have them on while you are outside.

When you should wear sunglasses

Surprisingly, not many people know the circumstances in which sunglasses are an absolute necessity. Most people wear shades only while driving, or at the beach; more as a fashion accessory than protection from the sun. There are, however, specific situations where sunglasses are an absolute must.


During summers, it is advisable to keep your designer shades on whenever you step out of the house. The sunlight during summers has an ultraviolet radiation that is thrice as strong as it does during winters. Protect your eyes from UVA and UVB radiation with sunglasses.

At the beach, even in water

If you are at the beach, it is best that you keep your dark glasses on even when you are in the water. Many people try to protect their sunglasses from the water. If your concern is that your shades will get damaged, you could buy a pair that has hydrophobic lenses. Hydrophobic lenses that also protect you from UV radiation are ideal for the beach.

Winter sports

If you regularly participate in winter sports, you probably need ample protection from the sun. Even if the sunlight is not very bright, you must understand that you are at a high altitude, meaning that the rays at this level are stronger than when you are sea level.

Specific medication

Certain medicines make you more photosensitive than you already are. Consult with your physician about the effects of any medication you take, so that you know if you need to carry your shades with you or not.


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