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Different Kinds of Lenses in Sunglasses

There are many different kinds of lenses for sunglasses and you’ll have a lot of choice when you are buying sunglasses. For example, certain lens tints help visibility in specific conditions while others concentrate on some other functionality. A few of the options are mentioned below.

Anti reflective coating and polarized lens

Both of these cut glare. Polarized lenses are popular among people who play snow or water sports like surfing and skiing. Anti reflective coating reduces glare because light reflects off the sunglass lens’ back surface.

Mirror coated lenses

In these, the amount of light that enters the eyes is restricted, making you more comfortable. Also called flash coatings, they are made of coatings that are highly reflective and applied to the front surface of the glass. This makes them very useful in bright light conditions. There are many colors that the coatings are available in, such as gold, silver, copper, hot pink, and many more. The color is a purely cosmetic function.

Gradient lenses

These lenses are shaded from the top down and the tint decreases towards the bottom. They are good when driving because they can shield your eyes from the sunlight above and allow light towards the bottom so that the dashboard is clearly visible.

Blue Blockers

These block the color blue and come in amber lenses. There is some evidence that says that the color blue may be dangerous for eyes and could potentially cause eye damage by damaging the photo receptors in the retina. They are popular among people who want a heightened contrast.

Photochromic lens

These lenses adjust their darkness depending on the amount of UV rays they get exposed to. They will be clear indoors but they will deepen when exposed to sunlight. They can also reduce your need for wearing prescription glasses. Many of the above options are also available for prescription glasses.


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