Sunglasses are no longer exclusively used for their utility. Today, designer sunglasses are in great demand as these sunglasses help you make a fashion statement. Sunglasses are useful because they keep most of the harmful radiation of the sun at bay. Celebrities also wear designer shades to protect their eyes from the camera flashes of the paparazzi following them.

Usefulness of Dark Glasses

Some people use dark glasses to protect their identities in public places. While the usefulness of shades remains unquestionable, hardly anybody likes to admit that the utility of these devices is more often than not excuses to wear sunglasses. The reason behind this is that sunglasses help you make a massive statement that has a strong impact on your persona.

People around you start to define you with respect to the designer shades that you wear. The entire look that your dark glasses give you is sometimes the starting point at which people begin to base their impression of you. Aviators by Ray-Ban are a popular brand today. They are worn by many people irrespective of their personalities.

Different Ray-Ban Aviator Types

People’s Aspirations and Dreams

Aviators in fact help portray your aspirations. For example, many of you who enjoy the vintage look because you feel that the previous era consisted of many greats, may in fact choose to wear aviator dark glasses. The same goes for what inspires you or what you love doing.

If you are a huge biker fan, and enjoy the dominant motorcycle gangs of the day, you may choose to wear aviator lenses because they make you feel as if you were on one of those road trips. If you are a person who loves watching movies, then again you may wear aviators because of the feeling of an Italian mafia or mobster.

The base line of this is that your designer sunglasses help you define or portray your dreams to those around you. It is a statement that you make with your aviator sunglasses, and not simply a mechanism which prevents excess light from reaching your eyes. Now the point to note is that aviator sunglasses also come in multiple styles. To make sure that you can choose exactly which Ray-Bans suit you the most, they have been listed.

The Most Popular Ray-Ban Model

The most popular style is probably the RB3025, gold rimmed, with swamp green lenses. Many Hollywood stars endorse these aviators by simply wearing them. They look very classy and come in multiple colors. If you prefer different frame colors or even lens colors, you have a multitude of choices to pick from. This specific combination simply gives you a rugged explorer sort of look, and is meant for those who wish to see and be a part of the natural beauty of our planet.

Designed for the Never-Ending Night-Life

The RB3211 is a shield frame aviator styled pair of dark glasses. This means that these designer dark glasses have one lens that connects through the bridge and continues to cover both eyes. The metallic frame cannot be seen, except for on the sides where the glasses come over your ears. This type of frame was very popular about a decade or two ago, and continue to hold some style till date. These are generally for those people who love a bit of sport and thrill in their normal activities. Staying old school is forever the in-thing if you can pull it off.

Showing People Who’s in Charge

The RB3030’s are a classic Ray-Ban design that gives you the look of someone less sculpted to perfection. This means that you give out the image that you are someone who has seen a lot of the world and how it functions, and that you are safe even in a shady bar with a couple of mates playing cards. Nobody is going to mess with you when you have the daunting look of these aggressive looking designer shades. They come in two basic colors, gold and black. Suited for almost all occasions, these glasses come with a support on top of the bridge that simply adds to the entire look.

The ‘Weathered Man’ Look

The RB3422Q is a model of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses that has not gotten appreciation as much as it should. Do not let the underdog scheme fool you however, for these flawless shades are designed for the best. They come in dusty colors and seem as though they are meant to withstand desert storms. The design is slightly similar to the RB3030 but comes without the fully curved ear supports. Imagine driving in an army green jeep over sand dunes in pursuit of some rebel force in the region. These dark glasses suit the part perfectly.

Different Ray-Ban Aviator Types