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Various Sunglass Designs that have become Popular

Sunglasses have become a necessary fashion accessory today. Most looks are complete only when topped with the right pair of designer shades. Here is a list of sunglasses that will give you a rough idea about the different styles that are available. Check out what you think suits you best.


This is an all-time favorite of quite a few people. Aviator sunglasses are shades that have large upside-down teardrop shapes for their lenses. The first production of Aviator-styled designer sunglasses was for the U.S. military pilots in 1936. Since then, they have got increasingly popular. Numerous celebrities sport this design.

Butterfly sunglasses

As the name suggests, these designer shades come in the shape of a butterfly. The lenses are large, and the frames are generally made from plastic. They are popular because of their large size, and the fact that they suit multiple face shapes.


These sunglasses are very convenient, especially for those who have power and generally require prescription eyeglasses. Clip-ons are far less expensive when compared to prescription sunglasses. However, they give the same desired effect.

Sunglasses with gradient lenses

Gradient lenses refer to those glasses that have a gradually darkening lens from bottom to top. These are popular because they help the wearer maneuver while wearing the shades indoors without compromising on the protection from the sun while outdoors.

Mirrored shades

Mirrored sunglasses give the wearer a futuristic look. Mirrored lenses have a metallic coating on the outside, giving them the shine, and the name. These shades provide the wearer with a brownish tinge to their surroundings. They are useful in high altitudes and surroundings of sand.


Wayfarers are sunglasses that have a square shape to them, with the bridge rather high up between the lenses. These sunglasses have a high aesthetic value, making them a favorite among a number of people. The lens covers a large region around the eyes, just like protective glasses.

Wrap-around sunglasses

These shades have come into style because of the need for sunglasses to cover even the sides of the eyes. Most sunglasses only deal with direct sunlight affecting the wearer. Wrap-around sunglasses, on the other hand, effectively protect the corners of the eyes from the sun. This is helpful especially when the glare from the sun can affect your driving or sports activity. Mirrored wrap-around shades are quite fashionable today.


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Happy Clients

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