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Complete Eye Examination

Has your child been struggling at school lately? If so, he or she may be suffering from an undetected vision problem. Such a child will find it difficult to focus on work and see writing on the blackboard clearly. Although many schools conduct vision tests, there is a possibility of the problem going undetected. Here are some signs that indicate the presence of a vision problem and the need for prescription glasses.

Sitting very close to the television

If a child sits very close to the TV or holds books very close to eyes, it is a strong indicator of nearsightedness. Children suffering from this condition have poor long distance vision, but can see clearly over short distances. If you notice this, it is advisable get the child’s vision examined by an expert at the earliest. The problem can be easily corrected with appropriate prescription glasses.

Tilting of the head

This is a sign of strabismus or imbalance of eye muscle. The condition can cause double vision while looking in a specific direction. Tilting the head helps children suffering from this issue visualize more clearly. This condition can also be treated with suitable glasses.


If a child keeps both the eyes partially closed in an attempt to see more clearly, it may also indicate that he or she is compensating for the lack of proper vision. A complete eye examination can help pinpoint the cause of poor vision. Based on the problem, suitable prescription glasses may be recommended.


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