Trendy eyeglass frames for teens - How to buy
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It can be very confusing selecting the right eyeglass frames for teens. Teens these days don’t want traditional eyewear and would rather make a style statement. This means getting some funky eyeglass frames that will help boost your confidence and make you look chic.

Below are some great tips to help you pick frames that will suit your face, as well as your sense of style.  

Tip#1:Buy frames that are well suited to the shape of your face

The first thing to keep in mind when buying eyewear is to consider the shape of your face. If you have a square or angular face, oval or round eyeglass frames will be ideal for you. The opposite of this also holds true, if you have an oval or round face, then angular or square glasses would cut through all the roundness.

If your face is wider at the top, also known as a ‘heart-shaped’ face, then buy frames that have a wider or heavier bottom edge. This will help to balance out the overall shape of your face. You will never feel awkward in school or anywhere else if you find glass frames that suit your face-type perfectly.

Features and colors

In addition to sitting well on your face, the color of the frame must complement your skin and hair tone. For instance, the color of the frames would differ for people who have a fair skin tone as compared to those who have a darker skin tone.  For light-colored skin tones, pastel colored frames would look very nice. Medium-colored skin tones should go for browns and metals in light colors.

Tip# 2: Proper fitting of frames is important

In order to look stylish and get the most out of your frames, pick a pair that fits your face properly. For instance, if you pick eyeglass frames that are extremely large, you might experience glare and visual distortion. Similarly, a very small eyeglass frame can restrict peripheral vision.

Typically, the width of the frame should not be more than the broadest part of the face. The frame top should not go above the lines of your eyebrow and the bottom should not touch the cheeks.

Tip#3: Frames to suit your lifestyle

It might not be the best idea to buy that extremely funky pair of eyeglass frames if that’s not really you. This is true especially if you are getting just one pair and have to wear them to school, the church or to other places that call for sober dressing and styling. Try to choose glasses which match your everyday personality rather than make you appear like an attention-seeker.