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Can Eyeglasses Enhance Vision During Sports?

Did you know that there are some eyeglasses that are designed to increase your athletic performance? It is common knowledge that sports is a vision driven activity. So it is important to keep your vision in perfect condition. Even if you have 20/20 vision, the right sports glasses can give you an edge over your competitors. How? Read on to find out.

Eye protection during sports

Experts know that most sports related injuries can be prevented with the use of protective eye glasses. For example, wearing goggles when skiing or snowboarding is considered a must. Eye protection in the form of a face guard made of polycarbonate material is essential when playing paintball. Eye protection is employed when engaging in water sports like surfing because of the risks from UV radiation. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause eye diseases such as cataracts and photokeratitis. The latter is very painful and can damage the cornea in the long run.

Color enhancement

Sportsmen can choose from an endless variety of sports tints. By selectively filtering certain colors and glare, some objects can be seen in greater contrast and clarity. Some tinted lens will enhance the color yellow. A tennis player will certainly appreciate this (during a game of tennis, the ball often travels at high speeds making it difficult to be seen).

Other tints help golfers, trap shooters and skiers improve their performance. Some baseball players will use amber colored glasses to filter blue light. Golfers will use lenses with a copper tint to enhance the color white (ball color). Skiers/snowboarders use rose tinted or amber tinted glasses to ‘read’ the ground.

Light control

Eye glasses with polarized lens will reduce glare, helping athletes see other players and the ball better. Glasses with anti reflective coating will reduce glare at night, even when the player is playing under bright lights. Photochromic lens are used to selectively control light. These lenses will be clear indoors but will change to a medium/dark shade under sunlight. Such sunglasses can be useful in sports (such as golf) where the player has to frequently move from light to shade.


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