Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.16.00 AMMaui Jim is synonymous with innovation, quality and finesse. Having been among the top players in the industry for a long time now, the company has created a strong brand image for itself.  The brand advocates that people see the subtle differences in personal objects to determine their true value. Maui Jim has an excellent range of designer sunglasses for both men and women. Here are some of the more popular ranges developed by the brand.

The Mahaka series

Of the very sleek Mahaka series, the 405 Mahaka may just be the sleekest yet. The dark frame color and simple style makes it worth the bill. Half-framed sunglasses, Maui Jim’s Mahaka 405 polarized sunglasses come with the option of installing custom lenses.

The Lighthouse range

The 423 Lighthouse series by Maui Jim is extremely sought after because of its flawless design. The crisp brown lenses joined only by a thin bridge give a rather serious look to the brand. The frameless sunglasses fit fairly snugly around the head, and are very slightly curved. This helps keep the glare out while driving; not to mention, it looks brilliant!

Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses

Gold frames on gradient gold mirrored lenses – a dream made into a reality by the classy sunglasses manufacturer. The Baby Beach range of shades also has a leopard print design towards the exterior of the frames (where your sunglasses sit on your ears). These are aviator styles dark glasses complemented well by the beach in the background.

Breakwall by Maui Jim

The Breakwall 422 is an exquisite pair of designer shades made for those who have a very subtle taste. The lenses are slightly lighter in their tint, making them perfect for wearing indoors, or in the evenings. The gray tone and silver frames go very well together. The lenses are sleek, but large enough to keep your eyes protected from the harmful rays of the sun, and from glare around the corners. The Breakwall 422 is priced lower than most other Maui Jim designs, making it easily accessible.


Maui Jim’ Peahi range is similar to its Stingray model, but a bit more outgoing. A full plastic frame and rigid corners make the design attractive. They even cost as much as the Stingrays do, sometimes making it hard for you to choose between the two.