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Relation between Intelligence and Prescription Glasses Established

A study conducted by the Vision Council revealed that while majority of the women prioritize style and look of eyeglasses, men are usually more concerned about how comfortable the glasses are and how well they fit. However, the truth is that even if a pair of glasses look very trendy and good on your face, you would not be happy to use them if they are not comfortable.

You definitely don’t want to spend a fortune on an eye-wear which merely ends up sitting somewhere on your bedside. Opticians can give you valuable advice with regards to the fit and comfort of various eye-frames.

Here are some pointers that could help you in purchasing a perfect and durable pair of glass which will get you your money’s worth.

Get the perfect frame

There could be a situation when the frame looks good on you, but doesn’t stay too well on your nose. Ask your optician to take care of this as the length of the temple could be adjusted or he could make other changes to make it steady and comfortable for you so that it doesn’t slip off your nose.

• The front portion of the glass a little too broad and may not fit well with regards to your face size. To solve this issue, you could request your optician to get you the same frame with a size that comfortably fits on your face. In case this is not possible, you could choose a similar frame from another brand. You could check out the petite frame collections that have been launched by some manufacturers specifically for small-sized faces.

• In case you find that the nose pads are not very comfortable, these can be replaced by the optician or you could also look for frames in a similar style, but with more comfortable pads.

• If the bridge of the frame sits too steeply over your nose, it could cause discomfort. Lately, several brands of frames have been launching styles that have bridges which are shallower. 

Take help from your optician to find frames that will be most suitable for your nose type. Durability is also a very important factor that is taken into consideration while purchasing frames.

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Happy Clients

Happy Clients

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