Frame StylesIf you haven’t changed your eyeglass frame style in years, they may be making you look older than you actually are. By choosing the right frames, you can take years off your face and look more youthful and stylish.

Here are some frame styles that will make you look more youthful, as well the colours that will complement your hair and eye colours.

Balance a Long Face Shape

Long face shapes need a slightly larger frame that has more of a structured square shape. The bigger size helps to add width and balance to your face.

Soften a Square Face

To soften a square-shaped face, look for frames with rounded edges. Black frames also help dark hair and eyes stand out.

Cat Eyes Highlight Cheekbones

To help define your cheekbones shop for frames that are smaller in length and have upturned corners like cat eye frames. These frames give the illusion of an instant facelift and highlight your bone structure.

Aviators Flattering to Most

Aviator frames will never go out of style and are universally flattering on most face shapes.

Complement Your Hair Colour

Choose a frame colour that complements your hair colour.

  • Blonde with Warm Undertones – If you are a blonde with honey and bronze tones in your hair, choose warm colours like hemlock, tortoise and peach.
  • Blonde with Cool Undertones – If your blonde hair has ash undertones and leans toward being platinum, choose black, blue, dark tortoise or pink tones. Avoid strong yellow or gold.
  • Brown with Cool Undertones – Cool brunettes are generally lighter in shade and have ash undertones. Black, pink, blue and dark tortoise shades complement this hair colour.
  • Brown with Warm Undertones – Warm browns have auburn and red tones in their hair and should wear lighter tortoise shades or warm greens, reds or creamy off-whites.
  • Red Hair – This colour hair is an ideal partner for strong frame colours like rich tortoise, black, green and warm neutrals, such as cream. Avoid ashy and yellow tones.
  • Black Hair Those with black hair can wear saturated bright coloured frames like sea and cranberry, as well as black, olive tortoise, malt and cool blues. Avoid diluted or ashy tones.
  • Grey & White Hair – All tones of grey hair can wear clean and bright colours like black, cadet and cherry but should stay away from yellow and brown frames.

Complement Your Eye Colour

Frame colours that complement your eye colour are as follows:

  • Blue eyes will pop if you wear bold, blue frames.
  • Green eyes look great paired with rich earthy colors in brown and gold tones.
  • Hazel eyes look good in deep green or grays. You can bring out the gold flecks in your hazel eyes with colours like amber or brindle.
  • Brown eyes can wear frames in warm tones like sepia and olive green.