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Glaucoma is a medical condition pertaining to the eye, where a constant extra pressure inside the eyeball cases a gradual loss of sight. Those suffering from this condition will have a higher sensitivity to light and glare. The medication prescribed to keep the condition at bay only increases the susceptibility to harmful radiation of the sun.

Wearing sunglasses in Oakville makes it easier to bear the bright sunlight while you are outdoors. Be sure to pick up a pair of sunglasses that protect you from UV radiation entirely. There are shades available that provide 100% UV protection. These will yield the best results in case you are suffering from this condition.

Harmful effects of long-term exposure to sunlight

Long term radiation has other harmful effects as well. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation over a prolonged period of time can cause you to get a cataract. This is an ailment where the lenses of the eyes become clouded.

Another threat is that of macular degeneration. All of this can be avoided by simply putting on an effective pair of sunglasses and perhaps a brimmed hat every time you are outdoors long enough to be tanned. If you live in a sub-tropical or equatorial region, the threat is all-the-more imminent.

Tips while choosing the right pair

  • Sunglass manufacturers do not mandatorily have to put a UV protection sticker on their products. They can choose to do so however. While buying a pair of shades, look out for these stickers. Do not purchase dark glasses unless you are certain they keep you safe from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Make sure you buy wraparound glasses. These glasses are styled in such a way that the curve over your face. By doing so, it keeps a maximum amount of light away from the eyes. For glaucoma patients, this is far more important than style. If you are looking for something that looks great though, you should not have a problem finding wraparounds made by top brands.
  • Check the quality of the lenses thoroughly before making a purchase. Search for lenses that have uniform tints, instead of those that are darker in some parts and lighter in others. Look through the lenses from a distance and check if there is any distortion of sight. You can check this by comparing sharp and straight things like the edges or doors or window sills to how they look without the glasses.
Sunglasses for those Suffering from Glaucoma


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