Progressive Lenses
Progressive Lenses

With the new and advancing eye wear technology, it is possible to maintain a youthful look even when you have to wear prescription glasses. Now you don’t need to wear bifocals or trifocals to see well and use the dated eyeglasses with visible lines. With the use of progressive lenses you can see well and also maintain a more youthful look.

About progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are actually multi-focal lenses that allow the wearer to see clearly but without the distinct lines on the lenses. This means multiple fields of vision in a single lens without any distinction between vision fields.

Due to aging you can find it difficult to see distant objects and focus on nearby objects. This necessitates the need for bifocals. With progressive lenses you don’t need to wear bifocals that separate the vision fields with a distinct line on the lenses. You don’t need to adjust the glasses to focus on different vision fields. With progressive lenses you get one seamless view or vision field. They also eliminate the problem of ‘image jump’ when the focus changes from a distant object to a nearby one. Use of progressive lenses can also reduce chances of suffering from computer vision syndrome (CVS) for those with prolonged computer usage.

Progressive lenses for a youthful look

One advantage of progressive lenses is that you don’t need to wear those dreaded bifocals anymore. The clear lines on bifocal lenses instantly makes a person look older. With progressive lenses you don’t need to look in your 60s when you are in your 40s.

Progressive lenses are also perfect for people with presbyopia, which is an age-related vision problem. This makes it difficult for people to focus on nearby objects. With progressive lenses they don’t need to worry about abrupt vision jumps or look dated with the use of bifocals. Now with progressive lenses anyone can wear fashionable eyeglasses.

The right progressive lenses

There has been a lot of improvement over the first progressive lens design. In the early designs the lateral vision field for reading or even use of computers was limited. Now the newer designs have increased vision zones, which are more comfortable. These lenses now also have special designs for occupational needs. The vision field is adjusted as per the viewer’s needs. So now everyone can use progressive lenses.

The new progressive lenses also have eliminated the problems of peripheral aberrations and blurs, which was an issue with progressive lens designs. This makes progressive lenses ideal for active wear. The compact designs of progressive lenses make it possible for them to be fitted with smaller eye frames and even the lenses are thinner. These features further help the wearer to maintain a youthful look.