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Rimless Silhouette eyewear are famous the world over for their ergonomic design, light-weight nature, fashionable style, and great comfort. The company uses robust and ultra-light materials in all Silhouette eye frames such as titanium temples and SPX plastic parts. Silhouette eyeglasses are also known for their innovative features such as the absence of screws in the hinges.

Since the designs incorporate minimalistic features, it is important to treat your Silhouette prescription glasses very carefully. Always put Silhouette glasses on and take the glasses off with both the hands. The temples should not be bent to the outside by 180 degrees, even though these are elastic in nature. If you overextend it, tiny micro tears could develop and the temple could break as a result.

Hinge-less models should always be carried in a case.

You should never put them into your pocket because when they are taken out, the temples might get stuck. If you want to clean your silhouette glasses, always do so with the cleaning cloth that is provided along with the silhouette glasses. The cleaning cloth contains micro fibers for thorough cleaning. Silhouette eyeglasses must always be cleaned with warm water and soap.

Never leave the Silhouette eyeglasses in sunlight. Plastic parts in the eyewear lose strength in temperatures of above 80 degrees Centigrade. So don’t wear the eyeglasses during very high temperatures.

High-index lenses are recommended for silhouette eyewear. If the eyeglasses are used carefully, it is expected that they will last for many years.


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Happy Clients

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