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How to Find Out if Your Children Need Glasses

Their teen idols don’t wear them and most movies portray people wearing glasses as either nerds or ugly ducklings who only transform into beautiful swans when the glasses come off. It’s no wonder your child balks at the idea of wearing glasses.

But there are things you can do to ease them through this transition. The following tips offer advice for helping your child adjust to wearing glasses.

Pick the Perfect Pair

  • discover what colours and styles of eyeglasses your child likes by looking through magazines together.
  • Make buying glasses a fun excursion.
  • When it comes to choosing eyeglasses for your child, the most important thing is to pick a pair of frames that flatter’s your child’s face shape. Visit your eye doctor and  give your child plenty of time to try on all kinds of styles.

Parental Attitudes Important

Parents often have more of a problem dealing with things that affect their child’s happiness, than the child does. Guard against projecting your own feelings of imperfection or bad memories onto your child. Your greatest gift to them is to be sensitive and supportive while differentiating between your feelings and what theirs actually are.

It’s very important for you, as the parent, to stay calm and nonchalant. Don’t make a big deal out of the fact that your child must wear glasses and don’t constantly hover over your child, telling them how great they look in glasses.

Tell your child that wearing glasses will feel strange for a while but that it will soon be second nature.

Be clear about why they need glasses but sensitive to the fact that being different from their peers can make your child feel awkward. Do stress, however, that the feeling of being different from everyone else won’t last long.

If your tween or teen is getting his/her first pair, emphasize the fact that, not only do their glasses serve a purpose, but there are also a fashion statement.

Find Role Models

Can your child identify a favourite singer, actress or athlete who wears glasses? Make a photo collage of these role models to paste up in their room so they have a visual confirmation that it’s OK to wear glasses.

Instilling a Sense of Ownership and Responsibility

Teach your child to take pride in their new accessory. Emphasize that they will be responsible for keeping track of their glasses, cleaning them and protecting them from getting broken.

Celebrate With a Treat

 Feelings of discomfort won’t be helped by spending money on expensive eyewear like Gucci, Prada or Baby Phat. Instead, celebrate the occasion by spending the extra money on a special treat like a movie, dinner out, a new CD or an iTunes gift card.



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