Motorcycle riding is a lot of fun. Motorcycle sunglasses may not be foremost in your mind but, just like any other sport, you need to have the proper gear to stay safe. One of the things that motorcycle riders are apt to forget about is eye safety.

Some bikes have a windshield, and helmets come with face shields but these items alone aren’t enough to keep your eyes safe when riding a motorcycle. Both the riders and their passengers need to protect their eyes.

What are the best motorcycle sunglasses for you?

• The lenses of sunglasses meant for riding should have both UVA and UVB protection. They should also be able to block out a good percentage of sunlight.
• Your motorcycle sunglasses need to have shatter-proof lenses so that, in case of an accident, your lenses will not shatter and cause more harm but, instead, protect your eyes from flying debris.
• Motorcycle sunglasses with lenses made of polycarbonate are really good since they do not shatter and provide good eye protection.
• Your sunglasses should provide clear peripheral vision. If the frames are too thick or wide, they will partially block your line of sight, which is not advisable when driving a motorbike.
• Try on sunglasses with your helmet before buying. This will help you ensure that they are comfortable to wear under your helmet.
• Rather than looking for designer brands, choose a comfortable pair of motorcycle sunglasses from a brand that specializes in motorcycle gear.
• Prescription sunglasses are great for those who need vision correction, protection from the sun and a shield against flying insects and other air-born debris.
• Sunglasses help to protect you from the rain. Raindrops can feel like pellets as you speed along and can damage your eyes.

A good pair of motorcycle sunglasses can go a long way in protecting your eyes and making your ride better and safer. Irrespective of whether you are a rider or a passenger, ensure that you invest in proper riding gear and a good pair of sunglasses. Your eyes will be protected from dust, insects and pollution, and that means you’ll be more comfortable.

Using good quality protective eyewear along with other safety gear will help to keep you safe at all times.