Spine eyewearWhile the lenses in our eyeglasses have evolved over the years to include bifocals, scratch protection, progressive bifocals, automatic tinting for sun protection and more, the frames that hold the lenses haven’t changed much over time.  That’s why it’s interesting to discover an important frame improvement. The new Spine eyewear is designed to stay in place.

Sure, styles and designs have changed with fashion trends, but the physical design and parts of the frames have stayed virtually the same. The new Spine eyewear frames feature an updated hinge mechanism that is designed to provide the perfect fit. Spine eyewear is designed to stay in place.

A Revolution in Eyewear Performance

The patented segmented hinge and cable system on Spine eyewear flexes the sidebars in all direction to hug your head so your glasses stay in place, preventing them from sliding down your nose. Not only is this improvement important during sports activities and workouts, but it’s also vital for the proper fit of multifocal lenses.

The fit, comfort and function of Spine eyewear are unmatched in the history of eyeglass frames.

The Idea

The Spine hinge design was inspired by the human backbone and manufactured with flexibility, comfort, fit and durability in mind. The hinge is made up of five working “vertebrae” that create a 90 degree hinge opening and can rotate up and down about 18 degrees.

A Perfect Fit

Adjusting the fit of a pair of new glasses can be a hassle but it isn’t an issue with the Spine frames as they can change to fit any face shape or head size. Hinges are constructed with patented micro injected metal hinges that require no screws in the working mechanism. You’ll never have to bother with tiny screwdrivers to tighten your frames again.

Spine eyewear frames function much the same as traditional frames. The sidebars unfold when you want to put them on and fold up automatically when you take them off, reducing wear and tear on the frames.

Unique Global Collaboration

Spine eyewear was developed through a unique global collaboration between U.S.-based REM Eyewear, Canadian supplier Centennial and Mondottica’s UK and Hong Kong-based companies.

Through these three companies, the Spine technology will be available worldwide. REM will distribute Spine exclusively in the U.S.; while Centennial will provide service in Canada and Mondottica will supply international markets.

Available Styles

Spine eyewear is available in several fashionable styles, including aviators, rimless, semi-rimless and sunglasses in a variety of colours for both men and women. They are available in cellulose acetate, stainless steel and aluminum.

Spine eyeglass frames include signature features such as precision laser-engraved sidebar tips with a Spine pattern inspired by the negative space between the vertebrae. Prices are comparable to traditional frames but the fit is above-average.

Ask your eye doctor for information on Spine eyewear.