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Givenchy Eyewear

The Givenchy eyewear collection is characterized by the style of the fashion house. Both the prescription eyeglasses and the sunglasses line aim to show the true spirit of the person who wears them. Givenchy combines up-to-date lens technology with craftsmanship, which can be seen in the metal inserts of the hinges. Givenchy glasses feature elegant and striking designs that provide wearers with a polished look.

Apart from their high fashion look, Givenchy glasses are made with the highest standards of quality in mind. Next Optical is delighted to add Givenchy eyewear to their extensive collection of glasses and sunglasses.

Bold and Tasteful Style

Givenchy has a wide variety of glasses and sunglasses in bold and tasteful styles, including Asian Fit. Their collection showcases classic and retro-angular silhouettes, perfect for all face shapes. When you walk out in a pair of Givenchy glasses, you’ll feel distinctive and confident. You can enjoy your favourite Givenchy styles every day.

Givenchy Offers Asian Fit Frames

Givenchy’s eyewear collection offers Asian Fit frames. Most Asians and many people from other ethnicities have a hard time finding glasses and sunglasses that don’t slide down their noses or rest on their cheekbones. That’s because most eyewear products are made to fit Caucasian features. If eyewear doesn’t fit properly, it can impair your vision and even cause headaches or dizziness. That’s why it’s so important to find frames that are right for you.

Even frames made with similar parameters like high nose pads or long sidebars will fit differently on the same person, so it’s important to visit an optician who can offer you advice on finding the perfect fit.

Givenchy Sunglasses

Givenchy continues to be one of the most in-demand names in fashion and their sunglasses have a cult status that’s always growing. The unmistakable V shape of Givenchy’s coveted Antigona bag influences the latest sunglasses collection beautifully with slick metal sidebar pieces and striking angular frames. Luxuriant finishes, such as sleek polished wood grain effects and catwalk colours complete the look. Several of the frames feature the Givenchy G with a new linear look.

Givenchy for Men and Women

Givenchy eyewear carries on a long tradition of bold elegance, with a full line of prescription glasses frames and sunglasses for both men and women.

Givenchy eyewear features a variety of plastic and metal frames for women in fashion styles, rich colours and treasured details. Givenchy is the ultimate in stylish eyewear for women with a chic style to suit anyone.

Givenchy glasses for men, exemplify the Parisian brand’s dark and provocative look. The styles for men combine elegant tailoring with a contemporary urban design, creating a sleek and modern goth-inspired look. The label’s refined streetwear appeal is completed with creative prints, hard-edged detailing and a stormy colour palette.


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Happy Clients

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