Oakley has a wide range of designer sunglasses. However, don’t let the ‘designer’ fool you. They do have an extremely high utility value as well. Both their sports range and military range of designer eye-wear are testament to the excellent quality they provide to the end user. Of the glasses available in the military segment, it is worth mentioning that they have both goggles, as well as standard issue polarized lenses that curve around the eyes.

US standard issue ballistic goggles

The Oakley goggles are designed to last through thick and thin. It  provides the wearer with ample support in difficult training exercises, when they are on the field and  where their eyes are susceptible to major injury. The shields ensure that your eyes are safe. They are designed such that your visibility is not diminished, and you have the normal viewing radius. There is sufficient padding around the frames as well, so that physical force is nullified, and even minor injuries are kept at bay.

The standard issue M-frames

Ever seen cops in the movies firing a few rounds with a pair of clear lenses protecting them from shrapnel? Well, the M-frames are among the highest league of shields that you get for the same purpose. Not only do they keep you safe, they look really neat. A snug fit around the head and a well-padded bridge should keep your worries away.

The Straightjacket series

Probably not the best name for something worn by a person with a gun, Oakley calls this series Straightjackets because of how comfortably close the fit on the wearer. The tight fit and curved design ensure full visibility and protection from glare through the edges.  This is especially important when you are driving or engaging in high-risk activities where you cannot afford to lose your concentration for even a second. The Flak Jacket and Gascan are also excellent brands. They come in army dust colors too, which enhances their aesthetics.

Pit Bull

The Pit Bull range from Oakley looks brilliant. However, there are only a few designs in this category that are polarized. It is best to look out for whichever option you are more comfortable with. Purchasing them online from untrustworthy sites can be problematic because they may be listed as polarized even though they may not be. It is best to purchase sunglasses from known websites only, as cyber crimes are relatively common.