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Reading with Proper Lighting Helps to Avoid Eye Strain

Reading in the dark won’t cause permanent damage to your eyes, but it can lead to short term problems, such as headaches and eye strain, that are totally avoidable. Whether you’re reading a paperback book, an e-reader or on a tablet, you should know why reading with proper lighting helps to avoid eye strain. The following are some reading environment  Read More →

Next Optical Adds Givenchy Eyewear to Their Collection

The Givenchy eyewear collection is characterized by the style of the fashion house. Both the prescription eyeglasses and the sunglasses line aim to show the true spirit of the person who wears them. Givenchy combines up-to-date lens technology with craftsmanship, which can be seen in the metal inserts of the hinges. Givenchy glasses feature elegant and striking designs that provide  Read More →

Meet Your Friendly Neighbourhood Optician

Opticians are highly-skilled eye care professionals who design and dispense eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids and prosthetic ocular devices for customers. They must pass specific certification and educational criteria that demonstrates that they are qualified to become an optician.  As with other health professions, opticians have undergone rigorous and extensive training to fulfill education and practice skills. The education  Read More →

Causes of Watery Eyes and What You Can Do About It

Watery eyes are not usually something you need to be concerned about but it can be annoying when you feel that you are constantly dabbing your eyes with a tissue. Tears are essential for the nourishment and lubrication the human eye. Whenever you blink, you’re washing your eyes with tears produced by the lacrimal glands in your upper eyelids. These  Read More →

Causes and Treatments of Double Vision

Normally, each of your eyes sees a slightly different view of the same object and an intricate system of muscles, nerves and the brain puts these two images together to create one 3D image. When this visual processing system isn’t working correctly or when the eyes point or focus improperly, you may find yourself seeing two of each object. This  Read More →

9 Ways to Reduce Computer Screen Eye Strain

In these modern times, it’s nearly impossible to go even a few hours a day without staring at some sort of electronic screen. Indeed, many of us have jobs that require us to work at computer screens for hours at a time and that can put a real strain on your eyes. Eye problems caused by constant computer use come  Read More →

How to Use Eye Makeup Safely to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner are good ways to enhance the beauty of your eyes, but they can also be potentially dangerous if used incorrectly. As long as you use them properly, eye cosmetics are generally safe but, over time, all kinds of bacteria and fungi can grow in those packages and continued use will transfer those germs directly to  Read More →

What to Look for in Non-Prescription Sunglasses

In the eyewear industry, fashion sunglasses with non-prescription lenses are called “plano” sunglasses. When buying this type of sunglasses, you have many options to choose from with regards to styling, designer names and frame materials. More than 30 million Americans wear contact lenses, which helps to account for the popularity of non-prescription sunglasses. Sunglasses help to keep contacts from drying  Read More →

Drug Store Reading Glasses vs Prescription Reading Glasses

If you find yourself struggling to read the newspaper and the computer screen is starting to look blurry, it’s probably time for some reading glasses. While they sell reading glasses at the drugstore, you shouldn’t neglect having your regular eye exam. Just as preventative care is important to maintaining your overall health, regular vision exams are essential if you want  Read More →

CI a Common Childhood Eye-Teaming Problem

Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a common childhood eye-teaming problem in which the eyes have a strong tendency to drift outward when reading or doing close up work. Children with CI have more symptoms and a shorter attention span when reading than children without CI. A child’s eyes must turn inward, or converge, in order for words on a page to  Read More →


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