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The Top 3 Trends in Sunglasses

Unlike clothes, trends in sunglasses continue to be in fashion for years, rather than months. Many of the trends that started last year are expected to be in vogue this year as well. If you are in search of trendy shades, here are the top 3 styles to look out for. Polarized sunglasses These glare resistant shades are made using  Read More →

Does Your Child Need Glasses?

Has your child been struggling at school lately? If so, he or she may be suffering from an undetected vision problem. Such a child will find it difficult to focus on work and see writing on the blackboard clearly. Although many schools conduct vision tests, there is a possibility of the problem going undetected. Here are some signs that indicate  Read More →

How to Choose the Perfect Eyewear

While selecting glasses, the biggest consideration for a majority of people is the effect they have on their overall look. With so many different shapes, styles and colors to choose from, selecting the perfect pair of glasses is not easy. You can considerably simplify the process by evaluating eyewear on three criteria – the shape of your face, your coloring  Read More →

Two Exciting New Additions to Next Optical’s Eye Care Range

Wondering what’s new at Next Optical? Two well-known brands are now part of our range. Spy Optic and Tiffany & Co., are the latest additions, and they will make you want to visit a Next Optical near you today! If you are a fan of either or both these labels, you’ll no doubt know just how great their eyewear is.  Read More →

Our Turnaround Times Just Got Even Shorter with Mr. Blue

Next Optical is happy to add the highly-rated Mr. Blue by Essilor lens edging machine to its laboratory. Mr. Blue is one of the latest innovations from Essilor, a leading manufacturer of lens edging instruments for professional prescription laboratories. With this new addition, we can now finish your pair of glasses in-house to the highest standards, quickly and easily, saving  Read More →


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Happy Clients

Happy Clients

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