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Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 8.46.32 PMMost people who are new to the world of optical lenses are confused about which frames would suit their face shape the most. There are primarily three kinds of shapes; round, oval and square. It is true that a good pair of glasses can add that edge to your overall look if selected keeping in mind the shape of your face.

Glasses meant for reading and otherwise to enhance vision should be chosen according to your face type, however you could flaunt any of the latest looks in sunglasses trending this season. Here are some tips on choosing the right frame:

Round face

When it comes to round faces, the rule of thumb is to completely avoid round shaped glasses! This is because there is uniform proportionality in all your facial features, so they are all the same size and the ratio between your cheeks and other features such as the forehead and chin is also the same. Your face will get some length if you wear glasses that are rectangular or essentially cut across the round face. This will visually make your face look more oval than round.

Heart-shaped Face

The heart-shaped face essentially means that you have a wider forehead as compared to your chin. This is what gives it a ‘heart’ shape appearance. This requires some balancing action and so you should ideally avoid very powerful looking or loud eye-wear. Rather opt for more soft, round or oval shaped glasses, probably even those butterfly designs inspired by the 50s fashion.

Square face

A square face is long, but is highly contoured. The lines of your cheeks and forehead are almost vertically placed against each other giving it a box like appearance. So, the most appropriate eye-wear for this kind of face is oval or round shaped glasses which give it a softer appearance. Any kind of eye-wear with a strong shape will give your face a flat look. Rimless glasses for such face types are also highly recommended.

Oval face

This kind of shape is actually perfect for any kind of eyeglasses. The facial features such as the chin and forehead are narrow and the cheeks are nicely defined which makes the face appear long and beautiful. Any kind of eye-wear, from small, medium to large sized looks great in this kind of face. You are lucky take your pick according to your own personal style!




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