Ray Ban Designer Sunglasses for Kids

This may seem a little surprising to you. Why do children need to bother themselves with fashion and style? The truth is that junior sunglasses serve the same purpose as adult sunglasses. They protect the eyes from almost a hundred percent of the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Along with milk bottles, prams and nappies, shades should become a must-have for children.

What is secondary is that kids look especially cute in a nice pair of dark glass. Most children like to imitate what they see around them. They also start picking up on what is stylish and what is not at quite an early age. This means that they no longer accept unbranded shades. They need Ray Bans. Adult sunglasses will not suit them at all, of course. Not only is there the matter of size; your swanky shades are going to go for a toss if they get into the wrong hands. Fret not; now there are Ray Ban Juniors.

Classic designs for all ages and sizes

At a rate generally ranging from about 60 to 70 dollars, you get most classic Ray Ban sunglasses designs in sizes that are perfect for all children. Everything from junior aviators and wayfarers, to unnamed designs are available. They come in a variety of colors to suit the needs of your kids. The colors include popular black, blue, red, yellow, green, pink and purple.

The glasses for this age group generally use mirror technology for their lenses. This ensures complete UV protection for your children. The glasses also have a variety of materials to choose from. Depending on your child’s preference, you can pick up a pair of metallic, plastic, or rubber sunglasses. The different options make it easy for you to choose a pair that suits your kid the best.

Variety of designs to choose the most suited pair

Your child may have many different preferences that they may not be able to articulate at their age. For example, a metallic pair of shades may end up being quite hazardous if your child is very young. For infants, it is more mindful to pick up a pair of rubber shades. There are also a variety of shades that come with straps rather than the traditional handles over the ears. This will help keep the glasses where they are meant to be, rather than in your kid’s mouth.