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Reading Glasses

Are you finding it difficult to read the fine print? Maybe it’s time you got yourself reading glasses. However, choosing the right glasses for reading is not all that simple, if you don’t have enough knowledge on the same. It helps to arm yourself with these tips:

Reading glasses are generally available at magnification that keeps increasing by 0.25. If you have presbyopia, you may need correction in the range of +1.00 to +3.00. Essentially, presbyopia means difficulty in reading things that are close.

If you struggle with focusing on writing that is very close to you, you would require full reading glasses. But, if you look up or across the hall through the reading lenses, the vision is blurry.

If you have glasses that are half-eyed, you can look through them and down for reading material that is close. You could look up or over your lenses to see stuff that is at a distance.

Astigmatism is the condition wherein your cornea’s curvature has a fault. The curvature needs to be equal, if not there’s an error in refraction. If you suffer from astigmatism, you should get glasses that come with a prescription from your eye expert.

Choose your power from the chart

Before getting a pair of reading glasses, you should opt for a chart that helps you read and choose the right strength for the lenses. If you have a chart, you would need to stand 14 inches away. You would then need to read every line till you find that one line that is blurred or not in focus. The chart lists out the power of magnification you would need. The power is usually written at the left or the right of the line. You would need to wear a pair of glasses that has the magnification written against the line you had difficulty reading. You should not confuse computer glasses with reading ones. Your pair of reading glasses may not work well when you wear them to look at the computer monitor.

As time passes, you may need more power for your reading glasses or you may not be satisfied with your reading glasses. It is best that you meet a specialist to make sure you are not suffering from any serious eye disorder.


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