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The Right Time to Buy Contact Lenses for Children

Reduce Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common problem for all who work with computers everyday and for more than a few hours. This strain overtime can lead to other problems like red eyes, blurred vision, weak eyesight and others. These are referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS) and can pose a serious threat to your eyes if left untreated. There are several ways to get relief from eye strain and CVS.

Pay your doctor a visit

It is likely that your eye strain might be caused due to a change in your vision. Your doctor can prescribe you eyeglasses or contact lenses if necessary and this might actually lessen the strain on your eyes. Even minor fluctuations in vision can put a lot of stress on the eyes especially if you work in front of computers for long periods.

Adjust or modify your monitor

Make sure that the middle of the screen is at least 5-6 inches below your eyes. Position the computer so that you are able to see the words or images on the screen without having to adjust your eyes or tilting your head back. Distance between the monitor and your eyes must not be more than 26 inches. If it is so, adjust it and you might notice some relief. You can also invest in an anti-glare screen for your computer.

Use the right light

Overhead lights put more strain on the eyes so minimize its use. White lights are better than yellow lights and if you use table lamps then adjust it so the focus is on the desk and not on the screen. Minimize reflections from natural lights as well. These practices are very important to reduce eye strain while working on the computer.

Buy computer eyeglasses

Eye-wear technology has advanced a lot. Utilize it to reduce your eye strain by investing in a good pair of computer eyeglasses. These are especially-designed to lower instances of CVS. These work by giving the wearer access to a large field of view and require less focus on the screen.

Once you start using these you can experience a remarkable improvement in your eye health and also keep CVS at bay. There are many kinds of computer glasses available in the market. From single vision to occupational lenses (progressive, bifocal or trifocal) your doctor or eye care specialist can prescribe you any of these to help you with your eye strain and related problems.

Use preventive measures

Certain eye care tips can not only reduce your eye strain, but also help you keep them away. Frequent blinking helps with the problem of dry eyes – a condition resulting from prolonged computer use. Give your eyes a break every hour or so from the screen and glare.





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