Rimless glasses are perfect for people who like a clean, transparent look. Here are some of the advantages of rimless glasses.

Classy and fashionable

Rimless glasses have been around for more than a century, but they are still trendy and classy. Screws and bridges connect the glasses. So, they will frequently appear invisible, while revealing more aspects of the face. Due to this particular reason, these glasses are preferred by many over metal frames and even semi-rimless glasses.

Light weight

A person can wear rimless glasses for a long time without any strain compared to metal frames or even plastic ones. This is because rimless eyeglasses are very light-weight. Since they weigh so less, the nose pads don’t leave any marks where they press down on the nose. Overall, they are more comfortable than rimmed and semi-rimmed glasses.

Visual correction

Many opticians worldwide will recommend rimless eye glasses. They can be conveniently used in both cases – nearsightedness and far sightedness. Though the glasses are trendy, they will not hinder the quality of vision in any way.


Since the frame is almost non-existent (compared to a metal, a plastic, or a semi-rimless frame), the cost of a rimless frame can be comparatively low. The price of rimless eyeglasses will depend on the manufacturer and may considerably vary, depending upon the brands. Even then, it may be possible to procure them at a lower cost compared to glasses with rims, because the cost of production is reduced.

Five Advantages of Rimless Glasses