Rules for Wearing Sunglasses for Men

A stylish wardrobe is just not complete without a pair of trendy sunglasses. Generally, men will not discuss their accessories with their friends and this will include sunglasses. As a result, many are not aware of the proper conventions to follow when they wear sunglasses. If you like to wear sunglasses, here are a few things that you should know about them.

Do not wear sunglasses at night or when you are indoors

Unless you have an eye problem, sunglasses should be worn only during the day. A gentleman would remove his hat, when he is indoors. Sunglasses are not different. If you wear sunglasses during the night or when you are indoors, people might jump to various conclusions, none of which will be pretty.

The size of the sunglasses are important

Big sunglasses are fashionable, but not every time. See if you are able to balance them with your style. Otherwise, it is better to stick with normal sized sunglasses.

Sunglasses and face shape

The shape of your face also determines the type of sunglasses that will suit you best. For example, if you have wide cheekbones and a strong jaw line (a square face shape), Aviators will suit you best. Other options are sunglasses with rounded frames or Wayfarers.

If you are not able to find out if a particular pair of sunglasses suits you, seek an objective opinion from someone else. There are many resources on the internet that can help you determine your face shape.

Mirrored lenses

Mirrored lenses can make the person in front of you nervous, because when he or she looks into the space where your eyes should be, he only sees his reflection staring back at him. So think carefully, when you buy sunglasses with mirrored lenses.

Match your sunglasses with your footwear

Your sunglasses should match your wardrobe, which includes your shoes. Keep the look subtle and you will do just fine.

Do not keep sunglasses on your head

You might have seen this – people who pushed their sunglasses to their heads. It looks very odd and do not prove anything. Sunglasses can be expensive. If you keep them on your head, they may fall down and get damaged. It is better to keep your sunglasses in your pocket, if you are not wearing them.

Retro sunglasses

Retro sunglass styles are back again. So if you feel like wearing tea-shades or tortoise shell sunglasses, do so by all means.

Invest in a good pair

A good pair of sunglasses might cost you a neat sum, but it will be worth it. High quality sunglasses can last for years, if you take care of them properly. You will break even many times over.